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Fast, Accurate, Reliable Eye Tracking

EyeLink 1000 Plus Primate Mount

Key Features

bulletBinocular or monocular high-speed, high-precision recording
bulletLarge 60 horizontal x 40 vertical trackable range
bullet910 and 940 nm illuminators available for low visibility
bulletCamera-to-eye distances between 35 - 45 cm
bulletAnalog output option provides simple replacement for existing coil setups
bulletDigital gain and offset adjustments of data from the Host Software

There are two popular mounts for tracking Non-Human Primates wit the EyeLink 1000 Plus: the Primate Mount and the Desktop Mount.

The Primate Mount for the EyeLink 1000 Plus system holds the camera and an infrared illuminator in a compact bracket that is typically affixed to a vertical surface such as a primate chair. An infrared reflecting hot mirror is used to project the viewer’s eye to the camera. This allows accommodation of a wide range of unique viewing setups within very small space requirements. The higher wavelength 940 nm illuminator minimizes the visibility to non-human species.

The EyeLink 1000 Plus eye tracker outputs eye position and pupil size data in either digital or analog formats. Both outputs can be linearly calibrated using the built-in offset and gain adjustments. The gain and offset adjustment states can be saved and reloaded at a later date, allowing for easy switching between participants. 

primateIt is also possible to calibrate the participant using our built-in calibration procedures for non-linear data calibration.

Many non-human primate researchers use our Desktop Mount (890 nm or 940 nm). This approach has a fast and easy setup that does not require the use of a hot mirror or any custom mounting to the chair.