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Data Viewer

EyeLink Data Viewer is a powerful yet intuitive software package that can be used for viewing, filtering, and processing gaze data recorded with EyeLink eye trackers. Several different viewing options provide convenient ways to visualize and inspect both temporal and spatial aspects of eye movement recordings. The software provides a range of analysis tools that can be used to generate tab-delimited summary reports based on interest areas, fixations, saccades or samples. Hundreds of basic and advanced report variables are provided, including a wide range of dependent measures used in reading research. The software allows multiple data files to be loaded into a single viewing session, meaning that visualization graphics and data reports can be created for entire experiments summarizing the behaviour of multiple subjects

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  • The Spatial Overlay View provides saccade and fixation scanpath visualization on top of a static stimulus image
  • The Temporal Graph View supports visualization of horizontal and vertical eye sample traces, event data, and pupil size data over time
  • Heat Maps can be generated summarizing all of the data or for specific types of trials or participants
  • Static and dynamic interest areas (rectangular, elliptical, or freeform) can be added or edited post hoc. Sophisticated position and shape interpolation can be applied to dynamic interest areas
  • The Trial View Window displays the eye data (fixations, saccades, blinks, samples), as well as the messages, buttons, inputs, and interest area data. Visibility of each event type can be flexibly toggled on or off, and particular objects and events can be scrutinized by selecting them and viewing the properties of any selected data in the Inspector Window
  • Summary statistics for any currently selected trial data are displayed in a properties table

Analysis and Data Output Features

  • Data Viewer's impressive list of analysis tools allow users to:
  • Save Spatial Overlay and Temporal Graph views into image files
  • Export the Animation Playback view into movie clips with gaze position overlay
  • Generate reports on gaze position at the sample level, as well reports based on fixations, saccades, interest areas, or trials for statistical analysis
  • Perform reading regression analysis, and fixation sequence (transition matrix) analysis
  • Generate a range of heat maps or gray-scale “look through” fixation maps for single or grouped trials based on fixation duration or count
  • All reports (text CSV files) can be imported directly into Excel and common statistical analysis packages

Data Filtering and Organization Features

  • Data Viewer allows users to:
  • Create interest periods for temporal data filtering based on messages linked to trial events such as stimulus changes, TTL input events, button events, or duration values
  • Filter data based on fixation/saccade parameters (e.g. duration / amplitude)
  • Trim / remove fixations using a range of highly configurable options
  • Clean fixations using a built-in and configurable four-stage process
  • Display / create / edit independent variables in the trial condition variable value editor
  • Group trials based on one or multiple trial condition variables
  • Create / draw interest areas once for a given trial type and then apply them to all similar trials across participants
  • Split continuous eye movement recordings into separate trials post hoc, based on message or input events
  • Export or import variable selections for output reports, interest period parameters, and preferences across viewing sessions
  • Import time-stamped messages into viewing sessions
  • Create reaction-time definitions based on trial events sfor automatic trial-by-trial reaction-time calculation and data filtering

General Features

  • Works with EDF files recorded from any EyeLink eye tracker
  • Runs on Windows (XP, Vista, 7, or 8), Mac OS X (10.6.8 or later) and Linux
  • Any changes made to the data (e.g. fixation removal / shifting) are saved as part of the viewing session - the original data files remain intact.
  • Allows users to set a wide range of preferences for data loading, viewing, filtering, and output/analysis
  • Supports large data sets (large EDF files, multiple EDF files, files with many trials)
  • Highly integrated with SR Research Experiment Builder
  • Easy integration with popular stimulus delivery software (e.g. E-Prime, Psychtoolbox for MATLAB, Presentation, Python etc)
  • Runs with either a stand-alone USB license key or with a network license