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Onsite Training

Key Features

bulletOnsite software training tailored to individual research goals
bulletInstallation and commission of standard hardware
bulletCost covers all travel expenses to your site
bulletYou decide how large of an audience to include

Our Research Support Specialists are highly experienced with academia and eye tracking as well as being technically knowledgeable and capable. Staff consists of former faculty and graduates of Cognitive Neuroscience, Vision Sciences, Reading and Psychology, with extensive expertise in all aspects of eye tracking research. We are keenly aware of the research methods and considerations involved in obtaining the highest quality data possible.

During Onsite Training, one of our Research Support Specialists will visit your lab, set up the EyeLink equipment, and train you and your colleagues on best practices for collecting eye movement data. The training session can be tailored to your research goals, and often includes creation of an initial Experiment Builder project that can be used immediately to start collecting usable data. Typical site visits are one and a half days.

Onsite installation is highly recommended for MRI and MEG to ensure the system is functioning optimally in these highly variable environments.