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Stimulus Presentation Hardware

To assist our users with finding high performance stimulus presentation hardware, SR Research can provide a number of different Display PCs for the precise delivery of audio and visual stimuli. All Display PCs acquired from us come with our software and drivers preinstalled and are configured to take advantage of ASIO sound hardware for +/- 2 msec audio synchronization capabilities under Windows 7 and 10. Add a high speed LCD monitor (or a CRT) and you are ready for even the most demanding experiment delivery.

Portable Stimulus Presentation Options:

  • 17" i7-4940 Laptop with 120 Hz built-in LCD (<3 msec display synchronization error)
  • 17" i5 or i7 Laptop with 60 Hz built-in Display (<5 msec display synchronization error)
  • Small NUC Computer (i7, 2.5GHZ, 8GB RAM, 500GB Solid State Drive - 46.8 x 112.6 x 119.4mm) with Display Port - to be used with an external monitor
  • Mac Mini computers - to be used with external monitor

Computer Monitors:

Inquire about LCD and CRT monitor availability. We can tell you about acquiring LCD Displays that have been timing-tested and confirmed to have accurate vertical refresh capabilities (< 2 msec synchronization at 144 Hz vertical refresh, and CRTs that can perform at 160 Hz vertically (21" models) or 150 Hz vertically (19" models).

Display PC Components