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Workstation Host PC I/O Cards

Analog output of X and Y position data (gaze position, HREF or RAW) and pupil size updated every sample (up to 2000 Hz) in a programmable range between +/- 10 volts. An additional parallel port can also be added. These options are only available on the Workstation Host PC.

Analog Card

analog card
The Analog Card accessory enables EyeLink system to output eye position and pupil size data as analog voltages. The native digital EyeLink eye data is converted to 16 bit analog signals in real-time.

The Analog Card also features 16 bits of digital input / output, which can be used for the TTL triggering of recording start / end or synchronization of the digital eye data file with external devices.

Parallel Port Card

parallel port
This Parallel port card supports the various Parallel Port Reponses Boxes that SR Research offers. The card is useful if the Host PC motherboard parallel port is going to be used for TTL type applications.