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EyeLink 1000 Plus Additional Host Computer

Key Features

Provides a complete additional EyeLink 1000 Plus Host computer, with all necessary cabling
bulletChoose between a Laptop or a traditional small lab workstation
bulletVery useful when using the EyeLink 1000 Plus in multiple settings such as:
  • traveling between sites like behavioral laboratory and MEG or MRI, or
  • Laptop Host PC for site visits versus traditional Host PC in the lab
bulletCost effective - one eye tracker easily used in different environments

Choose from a Laptop or Workstation Host PC...

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An Additional Host Computer enables use of the EyeLink 1000 Plus in multiple settings. Additional Mounts can be purchased so that only the camera needs to be moved between eye-tracking locations!

For instance:
bulletthe Workstation Host PC can be set up in the behavioral laboratory or in an MRI control room, requiring only the camera to be transported for use in these very different environments.
bulletuse a Laptop Host PC for home visits while leaving the Workstation Host PC set up in the lab.

Host PC Components

Laptop Host PC
  • A modified Dell Precision Laptop (376 x 35 x 256 mm)
  • Dual Operating Systems:
    • EyeLink Real-Time Operating System
    • Windows 7 Professional
  • 1000 Plus Host Software
  • Parallel port hardware is optional
Workstation Host PC
  • Universal Camera Power Supply
  • Ethernet Cables